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  Produce Loan


up to 60% Advance on the areca deposited.
  Katavu Loan : @ Rs. 1,300/- per gunta or Rs. 52,000/- per acre and on the basis of areca sales carried out, up to a maximum ` one lakh. This facility can be availed under “Mamcos Credit Card”.
  Kole Chemical Loan : @ Rs.` 150/- per per gunta or Rs.` 6000/- per acre and on the basis of areca sales carried out, upto a maximum of Rs.` 25,000/-. If only Kole Chemical Loan is preferred, @ Rs.` 250/- per gunta, upto a maximum of Rs.` 25,000/-
  Fixed Deposit Loan : upto 80% on the deposit amount


  Savings Bank Account : 4.00%
  Fixed Deposit for 12 months : 7.50%
  Fixed Deposit for 12 months for Senior citizen members : 7.75%


  0.25% bonus on areca sales amount
  Rs. 1000 subsidy for construction of Astra Oven (Improved Chullah) and Rs. 7000 subsidy for construction of drier.
  Rs.` 1000 subsidy on gator sprayers allotted from the society



Financial assistance for research on areca crop protection & for research & development of areca processing machineries.


Technical advice from scientists of Agriculture universities on controlling deceases affected to members areca gardens.




Free storage facility for members areca produce up to one year.


Facility to transfer produce from any branch, to their desired other branches to ensure competitive price to the members.




Every member and an unnamed labourer working in his areca garden can avail insurance facility up to a maximum of 5 lakh each and Hospitalisation expenses up to Rs.` 1,50,000/- under “Group Insurance Scheme”. To avail this facility member has to pay Rs. 990/- premium in the month of April and May of the year.




Every member and his specified family members can avail free “Out Patient medical treatment” under tie up arrangement entered into by the society with “Shankar eye Hospital” Shivamogga. If under went surgery or purchase spectacle, can avail 10% special rebate facility. To avail this facility production of “Smart card” by the member and for family members production of Smart card along with Ration card is compulsory.




Cash incentives up to Rs.` 2,500/- for members children who secure highest marks in S.S.L.C & P.UC exams and up to Rs.` 3,000/- for securing highest marks in graduation & Post Graduation and Rs. 2,000 to those who secure highest marks in each batch of GDC training. Such cash incentives will be given every year totally to 100 students.




All transactions of the society are fully computarised.


“Arecanut Technology Information Center” has been established in Head Office, to provide latest information in the field to the members.


Society is having its own website called www.mamcos.info


Arrangements have been made to send Areca Tender rates to the registered members mobiles through “SMS”.




Photo identity Cards (Smart cards) are issued to the members. Smart card is compulsory to transact in the society, to avail various facilities quickly, to participate in the general body and to vote in the elections.




Members who are below 60 years, if select in the slabs of Rs.` 3,000, 5,000 & 10,000 and register, their nominees/legal heirs will be paid Rs.` 15,000, 25,000 & 50,000 respectively subject to certain terms and conditions under “Maranothara Nidhi” scheme.


Members who does Areca transaction continuously for the last 3 years or continuously for the last 3 years including the current year, if demise will be paid financial assistance of Rs.` 5,000/- for the funeral ceremony to their nominee/legal heir.



Note:- For more details please contact Head office, Nearest Branch or Agency. ..